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Reduce Risk ? Improve Efficiency

Can you lower your exposure to risk without sacrificing operational efficiency?  Yes ... if you have the right tools to meet both objectives.  

See for yourself how our matrix-of-solutions can mitigate risk while increasing productivity.

Red Vector

Training Products for Professionals

Applied training tools from TargetSolutions, Red Vector, SimsUshare and CommandScope (RealView), promote a safer working environment through proven web-based solutions geared to municipal services, school boards and a wide range of professional skills

  •  Tailored solutions for first responders and incident commanders develop personal skills to meet the demands of decision-making in an emergency  environment. 
  •  Professional development and training programs help engineers, facility managers, and project managers to improve and enhance their expertise.
  •  Our complete suite of compliance training and soft skills development will equip any business to meet the changing demands of due diligence in the  workplace.