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Incident Command Decision Making Training

Saving Lives in a Disaster Takes Planning

The initial response to any disaster is critical. Those first few minutes are key to saving lives and keeping casualty counts and reported property damage values as low as possible. Are you ready should disaster strike?

Scenario-Based Simulation Training

The next generation of online courses help fireground incident commanders improve their decision making skills before their next high-stress response.  Courses feature real life scenarios acquired through actual firefighter experiences.  With AlphaACT scenario based firefighter courses you can select different scenarios, grapple with varying levels of response resources....and build your own scenarios.  Only $39.95 USD/user/yr.  Buy it now!  Click here.

NIMS Incident Levels

The National Incident Management System (NIMS) provides a framework of incident levels. These guide and enhance the ability of first responders to work together more effectively including interactions with the private sector and Non-Government Organizations (NGOs).

AlphaACT scenarios challenge the Incident Commander's skill set to oversee all operations and resources at the incident as it unfolds.

Create Your Own Scenarios

Structured and designed to meet Incident Command training requirements for any size department, AlphaACT scenario builder allows the honing of Incident Command skills for rural, city, provincial, state and federal organizations.

With AlphaACT scenario builder, a scenario author can create localized training scenarios based on the resources you have available that capture the uniqueness of an area to ensure maximum preparedness.

Get Started Today

It is simple to get started with AlphaACT. There is no software to download and no I.T. headaches! See how easy it is to better your Incident Command skills by watching this video

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