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Blazemark Pre-incident Planning Software 

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When you’re first in, you’d better be ready.

First responders have many crucial jobs.  Being prepared in a crisis situation, things happen quickly. Situational awareness is key. And a common operating picture gives individuals arriving on the scene a tactical edge. Blazemark® — the modern approach to sharing critical information — puts the power of intuitive, web-based software in your hands…and vehicles. Designed for pre-planning and communicating pre-incident information as well as pre-planning for highway interchanges, rail yards, crude oil rail lines, transportation centers, and amusement parks, Blazemark delivers clear, consistent information that saves time and money while protecting the lives of first responders and those in the community.

Blazemark was designed for pre-planning and communicating pre-incident plans to ensure compliance for industry as well as save lives and property. When in a crisis, clear, consistent information will give this responding a tactical edge. No longer do first responders, facilities or health and safety managers have to worry about data from different users, paper binders, desktop systems, or “stove piped” corporate systems being non-existent or out of sync.

An application designed to protect lives and property as a pre-incident planning system adhering to the NFPA-1620 specifications. Blazemark is an industrial-strength, web-based preplanning software package that integrates drawings, photos, HAZMAT, and key building information into an easy-to-use, open standards-based, scalable software application.

NFPA 1620

Blazemark incorporates Standards from NFPA 1620 to gather information that includes physical and site considerations, occupant considerations, water supplies, fire protection systems, special hazards, emergency operations, and pre-incident plan testing and maintenance.
When seconds count, having this information at the tip of your fingers through our cloud-based software will make the difference when it matters most.

Core Features

  • NFPA 1620 Compliant Software System – Our primary Fire Protection Engineer is the Chair of the NFPA 1620 Committee for Preplanning.
  • Browser / Cloud Based Software – No special software, computer or system requirements, access Blazemark on any device with Internet access.
  • Previous Plans can be added into Blazemark – Don’t do work over, include all past preplans and documents in Blazemark with the click of a mouse.
  • Easy to Learn and Use – Free technical support, upgrades, 24 hour helpdesk, video tutorials.
  • Share Full Preplan Information – PDF full document to email or print to paper.
  • Unlimited Users – Invite unlimited new users temporarily or permanently.
  • Unlimited Sharing – Share with mutual aid or other stakeholders temporarily or permanently
  • Limit User Ability – Customize each user experience with read-only, author or admin access.
  • Secure Notes Section – Use the secure notes area for site sensitive information for need-to-know only users.
  • Interface with Other Applications – There are many industry applications that our clients use for inspection and response notification that we can interface with.
  • Integrate Live Camera Feeds – Our customers can link live camera feed into their preplans
  • Integrate Web link References – Link resources into your preplan like NIOSH, WISER, ERG
  • Campus and Individual Structure Overviews – Easily navigate between Preplan Overview and individual structures.  Quickly review hazardous materials across all structures.
  • Single-Touch Navigation – Quickly find the information you are looking for.  Click on the toolbar across the top.
  • Real Time Editing – Edit and adding is easy as doing email and can be viewed instantly by all users.
  • Flexibility in Creating Preplans and Structures – You can create preplans many different ways to suit the complexity of your needs: One preplan per structure, multiple structures per preplan, and one or more floors as a structure.
  • The Organization is the Owner of the Preplan – The Organization can have one or more groups or users, depending on the size of the organization.  Each organization will have many preplans under their jurisdiction.
  • Single Login for Users – Users will have a customized preplan list based upon shared preplans and email address login.

User-friendly. Clear. And consistent.

Because Fire Planning Associates, developers of Blazemark, works on the NFPA 1620 committee, the software matches the standard for pre-incident planning. Rather than trying to pull data together on the fly from different users or desktop systems, your information is in sync. Blazemark is simple to use, share and deploy.

Quicker, more cohesive response.

Whether you’re en route or on-scene, applying the Blazemark preplans is easy. By intentionally filtering vital information, responders and other personnel can quickly grasp the operations and hazards of the building. From photos, maps and drawings to real-time traffic and building webcams, everything you need to know is at the ready.

Responders work together seamlessly

Sharing critical information is imperative when multiple individuals are responding to a call. With just a simple web browser, entering information about sites, structures, protection, water supplies, hazardous materials, etc. is fast and easy. You can also produce a printable copy of a PDF for offline use and/or hard-copy storage. Blazemark’s multi-level security access (via a 24/7 high-availability server) delivers true “mutual aid” and response team interoperability. From figuring out the best way to gain access and determining how big a structure is, to situational awareness for multiple agencies and jurisdictions, Blazemark is the one preplanning and communication tool frontline teams need to respond quickly and successfully.


Blazemark subscriptions pricing (USD):

  • Bronze package – up to 50 Pre-Plans $995.00/yr
  • Silver package – up to 100 Pre-Plans $1,695.00/yr
  • Gold package – up to 200 Pre-Plans $2,195.00/yr
  • Platinum package – up to 1000 Pre-Plans $3,250.00/yr

Over 1000 pre-plans contact us for special pricing!

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