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Emergency Preparedness: Dedicated to Saving Lives and Protecting Property

Knowledge is one of the most powerful tools to maximize the effectiveness of a response to an emergency situation. A pre-incident plan gives first responders immediate access to the information they need to be effective, saving lives and protecting property.

CommandScope also offers the added benefit to property and facility managers to have critical up-to-date building and hazard information right at their finger tips No more unweildy binders or the hassle of keys for pre-plan lock boxes.

Immediate Access to Your Critical Pre-plan Information

At Your Finger Tips:

  • Site and floor plans
  • Hazardous materials location (HAZMAT)
  • Lists of special needs persons and their locations
  • Structure construction type
  • Hydrant locations and main sizes
  • GIS maps
  • Utility shut-off locations

Key Benefits

  • Standardize emergency management documents
  • Provide first responders with accurate building data
  • Enhance risk management
  • Reduce liability
  • Improve tenant safety
  • Assist in meeting environmental and sustainability standards (LEED & TOBY)
  • Economical with annual fees at only 1.5 cents per square foot

Contact Global Risk Innovations for more information on CommandScope and RealView and how they can help streamline your property management process. Call Steve Ward at 1-866-639-8727 Ext. 211 or email