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About Global Risk Innovations

Our Vision

A safer, healthier, more productive working environment through training, planning and innovation.

Our Mission

Global Risk Innovations (GRI) has been at the forefront of computer managed applications that assist public and private entities to provide mandated training, records management, and emergency preparedness.  Our focus is to reduce exposure to risk without creating barriers to organizational efficiency and productivity.  GRI has, therefore, been selective in the products that it represents.  Each one must offer proven value to the customer as well as a user friendly environment that is welcoming to both the new and experienced client.

E-learning is a relatively new concept, but one that has already gained wide acceptance. Not only are the cost benefits immediately evident; studies have repeatedly shown that a student’s retention of subject material is higher when it is presented in an engaging online format. For this reason Global Risk Innovations is proud to partner with Red Vector and TargetSolutions, leaders in online learning.

Training includes emergency planning and a workable records management system to maintain due diligence. To provide these essential tools, Global Risk Innovations has also partnered with CommandScope and, more recently, SimsUshare. The innovative delivery and functional capabilities of these applications has been of great value to a wide range of emergency response organizations as well as to property management groups and other agencies.

At Global Risk Innovations we believe that a changing world will require ongoing training and preparedness as a basic component of operating safely and effectively.  Our mission is to meet that challenge by bringing to market products that are tailored to our clients’ needs and to always provide a superior level of customer care.

Nelson Lawrence