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Indiana Convention Centre, Indianapolis
April 27th - 29th 2017, Booth #10062

Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs Conference 2017
Toronto Congress Centre, Toronto 
Sunday, May 7th and Monday, May 8th, Booth #525

BC Fire and Expo 2017
Vernon,  British Columbia 
Sunday, June 4th and Monday, June 5th, Booth #55


TargetSolutions User Group Webinar

Date:  Wednesday September 27th, 2017, 1:00pm EST (60 minutes)

Topic:  Utilizing the Platform Operationally and Enhancement Review

Description:  During this web meeting we will review the following:

  1. How to convert paper based Truck Check forms into Custom Activities
  2. How to capture "In Service" training using a Daily Training Form
  3. Review new enhancements 
  4. Open forum Q&A

This is a great opportunity to learn ideas and strategies to enhance your use on your TargetSolutions platform.



SimsUshare User Group Webinar

Date:  Wednesday September 13th, 11:30am EST (30 minutes)

Topic:  Introducing Audio Clips (SimsUshare 2.6)

Description:  In this 20-minute talk, Jonathan will review how to use the new Audio Clip plugin, which is the main addition for SimsUshare 2.6.. We will finish with a 10 minute Q&A session. 



Tablet Command Information Session

Date:   TBA (30 minutes)

Topic:  AlphaACT demo

Description:   Tablet Command is an incident and tactical command software built on the iPad platform. With Tablet Command, an incident commander can tap and drag responding apparatus onto an emergency scene, track progress against critical checklists, and time-stamp every maneuver and benchmark throughout an incident. 

In this 30 minute overview we will cover how Tablet Command is an excellent tool for incident response, increases situational awareness, facilitates resource management and improves accountability.



AlphaACT Information Session

Date:   TBA (30 minutes)

Topic:  AlphaACT demo

Description:   In our special AlphaACT Webinar you will learn how the next generation of online courses will help fireground incident commanders improve their decision making skills before their next high stress response. 
Courses feature real-life scenarios acquired through actual firefighter experiences. With AlphaACT scenario based firefighter courses you can select 
different scenarios and grapple with varying levels of response resources. 

AlphaACT is built around the SimsUshare you know it will be a great learning experience! Join us for our free Webinar to learn more!