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Training Platform

Core Features & Benefits

What is EVALS?

EVALS is an online platform, constructed to ensure successful student development, through efficiency of instruction and consistency of performance expectations during times of initial training and continuing through career path development.

The EVALS team is committed to successful student development, because we are all students in our respective industries. In addition, we understand the importance of quality instruction as some of us have and continue to teach. This collaboration of instructors and teachers has helped in developing a tool that benefits students, instructors, administrators, and the organization.

Mobile Training Solutions

  • Reimagined Learning
  • Customizable Curriculum
  • GoPro's Hero┬« Integration
  • Identify Trends
  • Offline Capability
  • Realistic Scenarios
  • Eliminates Redundancies
  • Cloud Based
  • Stream, Upload and Review Videos
  • Design Realistic Scenarios
  • Track On The Job Training (OJT) Hours

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