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SimsUshare is designed to help you give your trainees a realistic simulation of a potential situation allowing them to practice their actions.  It provides an easy way for instructors to:

  • Rapidly create "what if" situations in your first due
  • Teach recognition-primed decision making, smoke reading and situational awareness
  • Develop scenarios in the field or at your office and use them virtually anywhere
  • Share scenarios among colleagues and friends
  • Allow trainees to come up with their own scenarios for practice
  • Apply meaningful views of your district for table-top exercises or promotional exams
  • Take and share snapshots of training scenarios to enhance after-action presentations

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The SimsUshare app is so versatile it can allow you to create simulations around virtually anything you can photograph!  It's affordable pricing model also allows you to promote a culture of safety and preparedness by being able to provide it for everyone in your organization!

Introducing the Platinum Editions

Who Can Benefit from SimsUshare?

Any first-responders, emergency service agencies and public safety authorities.  Our subscribers include:

  • Fire Departments
  • HazMat Teams
  • Police Services
  • Industrial Safety Organizations
  • Militaries
  • Private Sector Training Consultants

SimsUshare provides an easy way to help all these organizations to train their teams regardless of size or budget.  Train for everything from major incidents and disasters down to the day-to-day calls eliminating surprises and improving safety.  This is the ideal way to conduct basic training, promote site inspections, prepare for promotional exams as well as for public and private sectors to create and test emergency plans.  The opportunities of this incredible tool are endless.

Core Features

Mock-up simulated incidents on the fly with your own pictures and our special effects including fire, smoke, hazards and victims.  The core product features include the ability to:

  • Add smoke, fire, explosions, victims and other effects
  • Change a wide array of effect parameters including colour, speed, and reveal times
  • Mask out parts of an effect to add realism so they appear to originate inside or behind a structure or are visible in windows and doors
  • Time sequence your events (i.e. fading in over time)
  • Share your simulations from your device to another device or computer running Sims-U-Share
  • Share simulations via DropBox or shared Folders (Win/Mac Site License Edition)
  • Show different views of the incident by navigating from location to location
  • Capture snapshots (screenshots) during sim operation to keep or share via Facebook, social media or use in presentations
  • Capture video directly from the app (iOS version only)

Editions and Pricing

Contact Global Risk Innovations for more information about either the Platinum or Network Edition of SimsUshare and the affordable pricing for your team. Call Judy Smith at 1-866-639-8727 Ext. 210 or email

 SimsUshare is available for Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8, Mac OS X (including Platinum and Network Editions site licenses) and on mobiles running iOS or Android.