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"I wanted to tell you how much [SimsUshare] has helped me with training of captain candidates. I just finished teaching a strategy and tactics class for my department, and it was a valuable tool."
~ EMT Program Coordinator & Fire Captain

"I’ve been showing your app to fellow chiefs here. They all love it."
~@JohnAFisher (via Twitter)

"I just made a sample sim with the #simsushare software I won, in a matter of minutes! It was EASY! Wait ’till the Chief sees THIS!"
~@FireWeb_Ont (via Twitter)

"I love #simsushare already. Had it for less than 30 minutes. So easy to use. Thanks"
~ Jason MacLeod (via Twitter)

"What a great product. I have used it a few times and it was very easy to use, but also very powerful!"
~ Tim Bush, Assistant Fire Chief at Maple Grove Fire Department

"We love this app! It’s the best way to take scenarios to the next level!"
~ Ryan Beckwith, Edgerton Fire

"Exceptional Training App! Had the opportunity to review earlier versions of this app. It was great then and better now. Easy to use. Great options and interoperability. Superb functions and options. Importing your own photos is where the app becomes relevant and dynamic. Try it…you’ll like it."
~ Android User

"I used SimsUshare last Wednesday night to end our fire training.  All were amazed at the realism of the scenarios I presented to them.  It made for great interaction & scenario discussion with the members. Thanks again for a tremendous product & service!"
~Windows Customer

"Great training tool! The more we train the less we bleed."
~ Facebook Fan

"The crews like the fact that we were using buildings in our town and that the fires and smoke looked real."
~ Survey Respondent

"I was teaching today at a department that has one of your competitor’s software. In 3 minutes I made something with SimsUshare that the Chief said would have taken them hours to do with the other software."
~ Anonymous