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Digital Tactical Worksheet for Incident Commanders

Made by Firefighters for Firefighters

Join fire departments all over the country already using Tablet Command.  With Tablet Command, an Incident Commander (IC) can say goodbye to whiteboards as the software greatly improves the IC's ability to track assets and resources and is very easy to use!

Tablet Command is simply state of the art mobile command software for your iPad.

Tablet Command Demo: El Camino Fire with Rescue from Tablet Command on Vimeo.

Maps and Navigation

Manage incidents directly on a map. Bring situational and resource status into a single view on your iPad. Respond to a wildland fire at night? Satellite images taken during the day provide a daytime view of surrounding homes and vegetation.

Custom Checklists

Create data as a byproduct of each incident you manage. Customizable checklists at the touch of a button. All check-offs are time-stamped and recorded.

Time Trackers

Tablet Command tracks incident times with precision. A master incident clock is visible on every screen and includes a stopwatch you can use as needed. Colored work time lights give you unit work time status at a glance.

Web / Internet Connection Independence

Tablet Command is a native app designed to run entirely independent of internet connectivity. Of course having a connection supports the use of map updates and other useful features, but the core app runs flawlessly 100’ deep in a cave.

Custom Configurations

Configure resources, checklists, assignments, and PAR timer and unit work timer durations to match your department’s SOPs. Tablet Command does not try to change the way you manage an incident. It is fully configurable by the user.

Exportable Data

Report directly from the fire ground at any time during an incident. Time-stamped activity record essentially your ICS 201. Reports include every action made during the incident in a time stamped list, a .CSV file and a screenshot of the incident map.

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