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Saskatchewan College of Paramedics

Target Solutions

Accredited Course List 2013-2015

All levels (EMR, EMT, EMT-A, and EMT-P) require 20 CMEs. Global Risk Innovations is pleased to offer 210 for EMT/EMR and 200 for EMT-A and EMT-P. Please see the table below for a break-down.

EMS Allergies and Anaphylaxis Advanced 5      X  X
EMS Allergies and Anaphylaxis Basic 5  X  X    
EMS Altered Mental Status Advanced 5  X  X  X  X
EMS Back Injury Prevention 5  X  X  X  X
EMS Behavioral Emergencies Basic 5  X  X    
EMS Behavioral Emergencies Advanced 5  X  X  X  X
EMS Bleeding and Shock Advanced 5      X  X
EMS Bleeding and Shock Basic 5  X  X    
EMS Burn Management Advanced 5      X  X
EMS Burn Management Basic 5  X  X    
EMS CNS Injuries Advanced 5      X  X
EMS CNS Injuries Basic 5  X  X    
EMS Cardiac Emergencies Advanced 5      X  X
EMS Cardiac Emergencies Basic 5  X  X    
EMS Common Infectious Pathogens 5  X  X  X  X
EMS Communication and Documentation 5  X  X  X  X
EMS Confined-space Entry 5  X  X  X  X
EMS Diet and Nutrition 5  X   X  X  X
EMS Driving Safety 5  X  X  X  X
EMS Environmental Emergencies Advanced 5  X  X  X  X
EMS Environmental Emergencies Basic 5  X  X    
EMS Geriatric Emergencies Advanced 5  X  X  X  X
EMS HIPAA Awareness 5  X  X  X   X 
EMS HIV/AIDS Awareness 5  X  X  X  X
EMS Head and Facial Injuries Advanced 5  X  X  X  X
EMS Health and Wellness 5  X  X  X   X
EMS Infectious Disease Control 5  X  X  X  X
EMS Introduction to Hazardous Materials 5  X  X  X  X
EMS Managing Multiple Casualty Incidents 5  X  X  X  X
EMS Medical, Ethical and Legal Issues 5  X  X  X  X
EMS Musculoskeletal Injuries Advanced 5      X  X
EMS Musculoskeletal Injuries Basic 5  X  X    
EMS Neonatology Advanced 5  X  X  X  X
EMS Non-traumatic Abdominal Injuries 5  X  X  X  X
EMS Obstetrical Emergencies Advanced 5      X  X
EMS Obstetrical Emergencies Basic 5  X  X    
EMS Patient Assessment Advanced 5      X  X
EMS Patient Assessment Basic 5  X  X    
EMS Patients with Special Challenges 5  X  X  X  X
EMS Pediatric Emergencies Advanced 5      X  X
EMS Pediatric Emergencies Basic 5  X  X    
EMS Pharmacology Advanced 5      X  X
EMS Pharmacology Basic 5  X  X    
EMS Poisoning and Overdose 5  X  X  X  X
EMS Protecting Yourself from Influenza 5  X  X  X  X
EMS Respiratory Emergencies Advanced 5      X  X
EMS Respiratory Emergencies Basic 5  X  X    
EMS Respiratory System A&P Review 5  X  X  X  X
EMS Right to Know (Hazard Communications) 5  X  X  X  X
EMS Thoracic Emergencies Advanced 5  X  X  X  X
EMS Toxicology and Substance Abuse Advanced 5  X  X  X  X
EMS Traumatic Head and Brain Injuries Advanced 5  X  X  X   X
EMS Workplace Stress 5  X  X  X  X
Total Hours    210  210  200  200