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The Best Training Yields the Best Police Officers

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Global Risk Innovations now delivers powerful and complete e-training solutions to police services.  In conjunction with the Target Solutions and PoliceOne Academy partnership, we are able to offer high-quality e-learning materials and record keeping solutions for law enforcement organizations of any size and budget.  

The triple-play partnership of PoliceOne Academy, TargetSolutions and Global Risk Innovations is your key to achieving a well-trained department that is more efficient, safer to work in and effective in executing its mandate. This exciting and powerful e-learning platform:

  • cost-effectively delivers training courses, videos and tests right to the student;
  • provides dynamic training videos and materials full of detailed interactions;
  • is easy to use and navigate ensuring consistent training results;
  • forms a complete training system from introduction to testing and result analysis;
  • features a digital approval e-signature system for maximum accountability;
  • allows training officers to review training gaps and manage re-certifications;
  • levels the playing field between large and small departments;
  • ensures your officers have access to the very best training tools available;
  • operates around the clock allowing officers to train on their schedules;
  • is the industry’s most powerful online training and records management system.

Get started now in solidifying your department’s training initiatives without adding time-consuming complexity. Contact Global Risk Innovations now and learn first-hand from one of our training specialists how PoliceOne Academy, TargetSolutions and Global Risk Innovations form one powerful weapon!