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TargetSolutions Web Events

The ability to communicate quickly and effectively is essential to managing your time and budget. That’s why Global Risk Innovations is pleased to offer TargetSolutions Web Events. This comprehensive, web-based solution allows organizations to conduct live, online meetings with remote participants from within the platform.

  • Video Conferencing
  • Screen Sharing
  • Interactive Events
  • Live Chat

Communicate Effectively

Screen sharing allows your attendees to view live demonstrations. A variety of tools are available so attendees can communicate throughout meetings. With Saved Video Broadcast you can record important videos and assign to users. The chat feature makes it possible to communicate during events.

Watch Your Bottom Line

Save money by reducing travel and overtime expenses. Increase productivity and collaboration by hosting interactive meetings with employees no matter their location. Reach remote users anywhere. Participants only need access to a computer and their Target-Solutions account.

Collaboration Made Easy

Hosts can allow others to have presentation and sharing rights during a meeting. Features like chat and video conferencing allow users to collaborate remotely. Share files (such as PPT, SWF, JPEG, MP3 and FLV) allowing participants to move through the information at their own pace or follow with the presenter.

Tools You Can Use

Meetings can be easily assigned and recorded for later review and distribution. Each meeting can have multiple hosts and/or presenters and can accommodate up to 100 participants. Take advantage of Web Events’ tools, including Live Camera, Video Conferencing and VOIP Broadcast.


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